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Design, Build & Test Rocket Engines with This Revolutionary Simulator

Kickstarter Campaign for MECO Rocket Simulator Is Fully Funded and Offers Exquisite Rewards to Backers

London, United Kingdom — February 28, 2023 — Loren Aerospace, a leading software-first new space company, announced its Kickstarter campaign for MECO Rocket Simulator, the first-ever rocket simulator that lets users design, build, and test their own rocket engines.

With MECO, users can create detailed designs of their custom rocket engines and test them in a virtual environment. This allows anyone interested in space travel to learn about rocket engines hands-on without needing expensive and dangerous hardware.

"MECO is a revolutionary tool that will allow people to explore the exciting world of rocket science," said Loren Aerospace Founder Daniel Sim. "I believe this technology will democratize access to space, and we are thrilled to offer it to the public."

The Kickstarter Campaign is fully funded, with only 10 days left to snap up exclusive backer rewards at up to 50% discount. Rewards include 3D printable rocket engine parts and in-game science foundations named after backers.

Supporters can pledge their support at:

Find out more about MECO Rocket Simulator:

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